Food Items Delivered Wrong

If customer receive food that is different from the original order Please call us as soon as you notice that there was an error in your order. Restaurant will ask customer to return the Food Delivered and will deliver the right food within 30 minutes. If customer doesn't wish to return the food and accept the items as it is customer will be asked to pay the difference of the balance if the new food has a greater value than the food received in error. In the same way, customer will receive the difference of the balance back as credit for the new item if less than the food received in error.

Food Items Missing

If customer receives incomplete food that is on the order receipt, restaurant will make it up to you. Customer may cancel the missed food before we prepare it without any question, and we will refund the amount to the customer, or offer store credit

Food Taste Complain

If customer complains regarding food taste or any particular ingredient (salty, oily, spicy) the food will be asked to return in quantity of at least 80% - i.e. no more than 80% of the food should be eaten by the customer. Rider will not accept food that is eaten more than half. 
If the case is legitimate - full refund or replacement will be provided. If customer demands any other item of same price that could be given too. 
If the case is not legitimate - With no refund, customer will be banned for future transactions at restaurant.

Food Spilt/ Food Smelly

If because of packaging food splits during delivery or the food is smelly customer shall be asked to return the item immediately untouched. The items should be returned 100% as it is and full refund or replacement will be done in this regards. 
If the case is legitimate, the customer shall be sent a complimentary food item of no more than Rs. 300 worth sale price. 

Food Delivered Late/ Cold

Incase the order is delivered 45 minutes after the promised time (time communicated after rider leaves the restaurant) or the items that are delivered cold, the customer shall be given a 20% discount on the next order. But the case should be investigated first